Setting new national standards for the benefit of all

We have pioneeered a new, national training programme, the Voluntary Towage Endorsement Scheme, to ensure continually improving workboat safety standards.

This includes working with the National Workboat Association (NWA) to implement the scheme, which builds upon our already excellent safety training systems. The scheme leads to a recognised ship assist qualification which meets the strict standards of the Port Marine Safety Code.

SMS Towage : Training

Our involvment in the scheme, alongside the work of the NWA, extends to the production of manuals to help provide members with the information they need. Together, we are striving to raise standards across the board, and to ultimately create a work environment that is as safe as possible.

All of our skippers have undergone the training, and we are excited at the prospect of this being rolled across the country to benefit crew, customers and the industry as a whole.

SMS Towage : Training