Special Projects

Indonesia to Humber proves no tow too far

We are competent at dealing with unusual cargo and with unforeseen events that can happen in port or offshore.

SMS has the experience to handle challenging and complex situations and we are called on to apply our maritime expertise to virtually any non-standard cargo or uncommon occurrence. Crew members are fully trained in emergence response.

SMS Towage : Special projects in the UK

Among the out of the ordinary objects we have handled are concrete bases such as jetties and berthing pontoons, and we have towed a prototype tidal stream energy generator from Sunderland to the Humber for installation.

Our tugs and crew helped avert a disaster offshore when a stricken ship carrying fertiliser was drifting towards two gas rigs in the North Sea. We towed her safely back to shore following the near miss.

SMS Towage : Towing prototype tidal stream energy unit

We also believe to have completed one of the longest tandem tows in history, bringing two vessels to the Humber all the way from Indonesia.

We are salvage experts and also provide ship brokerage services, technical and engineering support, crewing and ship management services to many of our long-standing customers.

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SMS Towage : Special projects in the UK SMS Towage : Towing prototype tidal stream energy unit