Harbour Towage

An ‘on demand’ service supports our customers

SMS stands out from other towage operators.

We made a commitment in the early days that paid off – both for our customers and for us. We tore up the rule book and decided to offer an ‘on demand’ service, meaning that we require as little as an hour’s notice. For you: convenience and reduced cancellation charges. For us: much happier customers.

Highly experienced crews operate our fleet of omnidirectional, highly manoeuvrable tugs ensuring ships dock and sail safely, and to schedule.

Customers rely on our ability to carry out precise movements, towing a diverse range of vessels – crucial in a busy port and confined spaces.

Our tugs based at Hull and Immingham operate throughout the whole of Humber, a globally significant trading estuary and one of Europe’s prime development areas.

In the Bristol Channel we are the sole harbour towage operator supporting traditional and heavy industries such as chemicals, steel and coal in the South Wales ports of Cardiff, Newport and Barry.

The vibrant port of Belfast is also home to SMS. We expanded there in 2013 following demand from port users.

Contact us on 01482 350 999 to find out about our competitive pricing and flexible service.

Our Ports

Humber Estuary

SMS Towage at Humber
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Bristol Channel

SMS Towage at Bristol
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SMS Towage at Belfast
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