Clamping down on emissions, waste and spills

It is the natural maritime environment that provides a home for our business and a livelihood for our staff. We are committed to respecting it and continuously develop measures to protect it from our activities.

SMS Towage : Environment

We do everything possible to minimise the impact of our operations and have very detailed policies and targets in place as well as clearly defined responsibilities for every member of staff.

SMS Towage : Environmental standards

The main objectives are to reduce emissions, waste and spills. We are meeting these through a comprehensive set of measures including monitoring of fuel consumption, intelligent logistics, investment in economical vessels and engines, outstanding maintenance programmes and training of staff. We are currently working towards real time vessel performance monitoring which will come to fruition over the next few months.

Naturally, we adhere to national and international environmental standards.

SMS Towage : Environment SMS Towage : Environmental standards