Our crew is the lifeblood of SMS Towage

More than 100 full time members of crew provide customers with outstanding levels of service 24 hours a day.

Living close to SMS Towage’s ports of operations, these dedicated seamen are crucial to us offering customers a ‘just in time’ service.

SMS Towage : Worldwide towage crew

We believe in nurturing young trainees, and the experience and knowledge in the ranks, together with exceptional teamwork, helps us produce the highly skilled crew of the future.

SMS Towage : Offshore operations crew

Standard maritime courses are complemented by our bespoke in-house training, resulting in safety standards and levels of expertise being some of the best in the industry.

Meet an SMS crew member

For Simon Gutherless, working onboard tugs is a dream job. He had always been fascinated in shipping, and at the young age of 18 in 2002, he joined SMS as a trainee crewman.

Simon worked his way up through the ranks starting as a deckhand to become a skipper in 2007.

"There are plenty of unsociable working hours, but it’s a fun job with every day bringing something different," he says.

Simon adds that there is great camaraderie among his colleagues with everyone working well as a team to complete tasks effectively.

"My favourite experiences so far include crewing the Irishman on a delivery and being a deckhand when the Englishman was towing an oilrig.

"I also enjoyed transporting experts from the University of Hull to survey birds on behalf of the North Sea wind farm operators."

Simon adds that he never knows when his phone is going to ring in the middle of the night, but it’s all worth it to have a job that keeps him away from a desk and involved in the front line of the shipping industry.

SMS Towage : Worldwide towage crew SMS Towage : Offshore operations crew